EDDL 5131

Interactive Text (EDDL 5131, Week 12, Activity 2)

Here is some simple text from a PPT slide I created. I’ve added an interactive component to the text:


DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid):

  • Consists of two long strands that form a twisted ladder shape.
  • Stores the genetic information of an organism
  • Genetic information determines how an organism looks, functions, and behaves


Many areas of Science are quite visual, especially when it comes to biology, cells, and other ideas/concepts that are difficult to visualize. Having interactive components such as interactive text allows students to not only identify key words, but allows students to expand on the concept via an alternative link, website, or video. I have used this sort of “hyper-linking” interactive text before and students often have positive feedback regarding the helpfulness of the video/additional information. I found that adding in the title text extremely difficult as there was nothing online about how to add it. Perhaps I was searching for the wrong thing. Also, there was no video linked on how to show you how to do this in our weekly post so if there is anyone who struggled like me this was my HTML code. THANK YOU GRACE!

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