In the Vancouver School district, all schools are using Microsoft Teams to deliver online content to classes. The platform itself, in terms of accessibility, in my opinion, is actually quite good. Teams has a smooth keyboard only navigation (tested it myself) through the different channels, options, teams etc. What makes Teams a standout in terms of accessibility is the immersive reader. You can have a text-to-speech option in a plethora of different languages, change text size, font, colours, and highlights of grammar. You can also change the speed at which it is read to you which is extremely helpful for english language learners (ELL). The immersive reading can be used for any post and assignment. 

In terms of change, the school district is at the mercy of the software program and it’s developers. To further improve functionality and streamlining certain aspects of the platform, many, and I mean many educators have posted numerous suggestions regarding the feedback/improvement/suggestions website from Microsoft which are often extremely slow to implement from the user’s perspective. For example, educators have been crying out for a better calendar system that shows due dates for assignments posted across all teams so that students have a clearer understanding of what is assigned and when it is due. This was noticed extremely early last Spring during the early Covid yet, 10 months later, nothing has been done yet. This is just one example of many that are within that suggestions website that seem to be ignored and grow longer by the day. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using Microsoft Teams, as it is quite intuitive, easy to learn and navigate. Teams is an excellent platform with more benefits than detriments.