EDDL 5131

OER Scavenger Hunt (EDDL 5131 Week 2 Activity 4)

Resource 1:

Learning Outcome (Science 9): Students will be able to determine the key differences between a series circuit and a parallel circuit using a PHET simulation.


The learning outcome that I have chosen has to do with a unit that I recently taught. However, I did not assign this virtual lab as we worked with real circuits and components in-person. This would have been an ideal replacement activity if I happened to teach this lesson online. This topic is straight from the BC Science 9 curriculum and the quality of this resource is really second to none. This is extremely well developed, accessible, user-friendly, free, and teaches concepts in a unique way. I have not found anything that comes close to providing such a high quality in terms of virtual simulations for science topics. Depending on the topic/simulation activity, it really can be adapted to match any grade level. For example, under “For Teachers” and “Teacher-Submitted Activities”, there are a plethora of teacher-submitted work and accompanying worksheets to help guide a learner through the simulation. There are varying levels, each with unique takes on how to engage and approach learning through the simulation. Like I have said in an earlier post, I have yet to find a perfect teacher-submitted activity that I could use straight away. Often, there has to be some editing involved and changing or adding of questions or steps as you work through the worksheet.

Resource 2:

Learning Outcome (Career Life Education 10): Students will be able to learn basic saving and budgeting strategies.


Khan Academy is a world-class OER. The quality of the courses found within Khan Academy varies, but overall, it is one of the best instructional OER’s out there. The topic I have chosen was regarding personal finances and savings. There are a wide range of smaller topics within the unit that can be applicable for a wide audience. I like how there is a variety of instructional videos and text, however, most of the topics that include text are missing graphics which can be a missed opportunity to provide additional understanding and clarity. In terms of adaptations, there wouldn’t be a need to adapt any of the videos; some of them have good production value. However, choosing the appropriate and related content is important. In addition, often I would require students to have some sort of response either through discussion, an assignment, project, or presentation reflecting on what they learned and how to apply it to their own lives. What is great is that instructional videos from OER’s like Khan Academy can be a great starting point or additional resource to teach this important life skill.

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