Hello! My name is Paul Chong. I live in Vancouver, BC with my family of 3 which includes my wife and my 2 year old daughter. I love anything hockey and I am extremely excited that the NHL season is starting back up. Very sad that we got shut out to USA in the World Juniors gold medal game, but silver is better than nothing. I also coordinate and manage my own small recreational “beer league” called the Vancouver Draft Hockey League.

I currently teach in the Vancouver school district mostly as a high school Science teacher. My background in education involves a major in Physical Education and Minor in Biology.  I have been in the education system for 8+ years now and had taught China for 2.5 years before moving back home here in Vancouver.

If educational media is anything media-related to have an educational purpose, I have used a wide variety of sources to teach my students. In science, one of the popular media sources are videos on Youtube. You can have anything from national geographic to concept explanations to lab and science demonstrations. I enjoy using movies as media to teach themes and bring about discussions about topical issues. This year I taught the new CLE 10 course (Career Life Education) and two things that I showed were “Coach Carter” and also “The Social Dilemma”. I enjoy using all types of media to help reinforce or teach new ideas.

One challenge that I foresee in this course is balancing the amount of work one needs to do with the rest of life. I hope to be on top of my assignments, but also be sure to not overwork myself.

I hope to achieve new appreciation for different types of educational media and even the pros and cons of each. It would also be very cool to learn how to efficiently learn to create different types of media to enhance student learning.