EDDL 5131

Design a Student Media Project Outline (EDDL 5131 Week 7 Activity 2)

Infographic: The Effects of Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification

Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of bioaccumulation, biomagnification, and the food chain/webs/pyramids through the use of an infographic.


After learning about these key vocabulary terms (bioaccumulation, biomagnification, and food chains/webs/pyramids), you will demonstrate your understanding of these terms by creating an infographic.


Students will be individually creating an infographic about bioaccumulation, biomagnification and food chains/webs/pyramids. By creating your infographic, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts involved. In addition, demonstrate your critical and creative thinking and communication skills from rough drafts towards your final product. And ultimately, make connections between what we are learning and the real world.

  1. Review key ideas of what makes a good infographic
  2. Review bioaccumulation, biomagnification, and food chains
  3. Create a rough draft
  4. Get feedback
  5. Reiterate
  6. Create final copy

4 classes

1st class – Review key ideas and begin creating rough draft

2nd class – Complete first rough draft, get feedback,

3rd class – Reiterate, get additional feedback

4th class – Final Copy


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