EDDL 5131

Try Chrome No-Coffee (EDDL 5131 Week 4 Activity 6)


Quizlet is a web-based studying tool where the premise is that you create your own flashcards with word, definition and picture. There are a variety of “study” options to engage you and help you learn sets of vocabulary. You also have the ability to search publicly shared sets. After using the NoCoffee extension, it really shocked me to find that this is what some people have to live with which is quite saddening. Based on my testings I have found the following:

Worked around:

  • Contrast Loss
  • Glare
  • Snow
  • Cloudiness (up to 5)
  • Flutter (would get extremely dizzy and maybe nauseous after a while)
  • Colour deficiency
  • Blocked Visual Field: With the exception of the side (hemianopia) option, most of these visual field could be worked around when left at the default setting of 40 (strength and size.

Negate content completely:

  • Blur
  • Ghosting

What is perhaps a nice feature of Quizlet is that it allows for an audible text-to-speech for each flashcard. This is a great alternative for those with visual impairment. However, I actually think the google speech sounds more natural than the one Quizlet uses. Lastly, though there isn’t a setting on the platform to increase font size, you can manually do that by “zooming” in like you would on any web page. Some features that are lacking that come to mind since we learned about WCAG this week was that it would be nice if there were more options to change the type of font, colour of the font and even change languages/translations to allow for a great user experience for ELLs. (I think of this because I use this in my ELL classes).

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