EDDL 5131

Information Architecture (EDDL 5131 Week 4 Activity 2)


It was an interesting experience to create structure around text to make it more readable (in my perspective). A few of the tools I focused on was the use of headings that pertained to the text, italicized words that relate to the headings, rearranging of content, and call-outs. The call-outs I used pertained to something interesting regarding the heading subject. I tried to create one call-out for each main heading. Additionally, also something I struggled with, was the use of bullet points to separate a list which was the paragraph with a lot of numbers relating to the population of moose around the world. I’m not sure how to make this particular section more “readable”.  I ended up rearranging paragraphs so that similar topics flowed after another as seen in the “Physical Features” and “Habitat” sections. I also decided to avoid using bolded text as I found it didn’t serve much of a purpose for this type of content/page. Perhaps if this were a Wiki page, the words I italicized would permalink to another Wiki page that had to do with the word, for example, “antlers”, “deciduous forest”, “terrestrial plants”, etc. I am very keen to see how everyone organized the content based on their personal preference.

I believe that the way I organized the text when it pertained to the use of headings, paragraph organization, call-outs, text, and line-height allowed for more optimal, effective communication. I tried to implement some of the key elements I thought that would make the article more inviting and organized. However, I believe one thing I could have added was to include more images to make it more visual.



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