EDDL 5131

Read and Write – OER (EDDL 5131 Week 2 Activity 3)

Currently, I am teaching Science 9 and ELL Science in the VSB. Right away, the first thought I had after reading and learning about Open Education Resources (OER) is that it is really difficult to find quality resources that fit your needs, your style, and most importantly, your students for the courses you teach. For example, you may be teaching an unfamiliar course or a course that doesn’t have a large student demographic or a great number of teachers that create content and resources for the course (let alone share it on the internet). In the context of Science 9, there are so many resources available to both teachers and students that are free in the context of OER because it is a mandatory and popular subject. Something I have used recently is the PHET labs and teacher contributed worksheets. Often, I find myself adapting most material I find to meet the needs of my students. It can include removing or adding questions, extra steps or details, and almost always, organized and formatted to my liking. When I compare resources for Science 9 content to ELL Science content, it is night and day. Unfortunately, I have yet to come across free quality ELL Science material and resources that I can use to help guide and aid my course. I have found plenty of paid resources that I am currently using. Currently, the content I can see myself contributing as an open education resource would be to share course materials, compilation of useful resources and links. However, for some courses, like ELL Science, there still can be progression towards building a more comprehensive OER to benefit both teacher and learner.


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